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Gun Shot Hearing Protection

Today there are a growing number of ear protection products for hunters. Recurring exposure to gunshots will often result in some form of hearing loss. Every hunter should consider using some form of ear protection.When choosing a hearing protection device, there are several things to consider. Your first may be price, since the household budget is a concern for most people. Be sure and check not only your local gun shop, but online as well for pricing and sales of devices you're interested in.Price and next effectiveness may be the order of importance to most hunters. To help with effectiveness hearing protection devices often have a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) assigned to them. The NRR rating tells what decibel (dB) intensity the device will shield you from. You can also combine protections such as ear-plugs and ear-muffs to provide greater protection. If you combined devices calculate the NRR rating by adding 5 to the greatest NRR rating of the devices you are using.EAR PLUGS Of course, the least expe...


Change Your Image With Cool Safety Glasses

Whether you work indoors or out, cool safety glasses can change your image. You can now have the eye protection you need without the embarrassing goggles or glasses of yesteryear. There is no reason why you should look bad just because you need the safety of eye-wear.The medical and dental industries quite often deal with air born fluids and particles that could cause damage or illness if they were to enter the eyes. Machinists and shop workers, as well as many other indoor occupations, may have similar concerns and require the same protection from dust or other elements that may be encountered during the course of work.Those who work outdoor in the construction and other industries will certainly require coverage and may need shades that will eliminate the glare of the sun as well as shutting out flying debris. Sun shades are often quite costly and may not stand up to the rigors of the job site or offer the needed coverage. They are also easily lost or damaged and may be very expensive to replace.Outdoors-me...


Safety Glasses A Must In Construction

Whether a project is large or small, safety glasses are a vital piece of equipment to wear in construction. There once was reluctance to their wear since they were often uncomfortable. They fit poorly and severely reduced the field of vision. These days there are a wide variety of smart designs that afford the wearer good vision and comfort. Considering how common eye injuries are in construction, there is no longer an excuse not to wear protection.Clear lenses account for the most sales. They are made of shatter proof glass. Coupled with a sturdy frame, they provide good protection from the most common sorts of accidents involving the eyes during construction getting hit head on by a small object. The earliest type developed, they now come in a wide array of designs.Similar in design to clear lens types, shaded lenses are a good investment for anyone working outdoors. Since they cut down on glare, they reduce eye strain especially ones with polarized lenses. This leaves people feeling less tired allowing the...


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